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What the Mosque Kerfuffle is About: “Our Enemy is Islam”

Bryan Fischer, who hosts a radio and simulcast TV program broadcast across the United States for the American Family Association, wants to tell you what the fight to ban mosques in America is really about. Take it away, Bryan:

Treason is the only crime identified in the Constitution. And this is for a good reason — no nation can survive if it does not punish those who are determined to destroy it from within.

Our enemy is authentic Islam and our enemies are devout Muslims who actually believe in their holy scripture and are determined to follow the sacred teachings of their god. They are our enemies for the simple reason that their god commands them to kill us.

Treason consists in adhering to such enemies or giving them aid and comfort. This is precisely why the mosque should not be built at Ground Zero, and why zoning commissions are well within their rights to deny permits to build any more mosques in the United States.

… The bottom line is that the First Amendment provides no cover, no shelter, no excuse for treason. All this blather about religious liberty is just that — blather. The First Amendment, for devout Muslims in the U.S., is nothing more than a borrowed cloak of righteousness to conceal a heart of darkness.

Each mosque adheres to a treasonous ideology by virtue of the fact that they are bitter clingers when it comes to the Koran. Over 100 verses in the Koran call for the death of infidels.

… And it also means that no city council should allow itself to be browbeat into granting building permits to an organization — the religion of Islam — whose god commands his followers to kill the members of that city council. “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them,” the god of the Holy Koran says. What kind of insanity is it to insist that special protections be granted to those whose sacred Scripture commands them to kill us? It is mind-numbed craziness to cooperate with that.

The people who want to ban the building of mosques in places across America like California and Connecticut and New York and North Carolina and Tennessee and Wisconsin are engaged in the struggle because they’re fighting against a religion they don’t like. You read Bryan: his enemy is Islam. His enemy is Muslims. His goal is to “deny permits to build any more mosques in the United States.” He wants the U.S. government to stop an entire religion. He’s painted an entire religion as “treasonous” with the fig leaf that somewhere in the Koran it says you should “kill iodlaters” (read the Bible, Bryan), and treason must be punished.

This movement to ban mosques is an effort by religious bigots to get government take sides in the competition between religions, using its power to declare certain religions in America to be wrong and the enemy and traitorous so that other religions (like Bryan’s fundamentalist Christianity) can protect their territory.

The problem is not only that this movement is unconstitutional and anti-American in its values. The problem is also that these religious bigots are trying to fan the flames for sectarian religious conflict and holy war in America. They want to convert the United States from a free and fair ground for all religions into a battleground between competing religions — like Northern Ireland or Israel or the former Yugoslavia.

Don’t let that happen.

4 thoughts on “What the Mosque Kerfuffle is About: “Our Enemy is Islam””

  1. Tom says:

    another reason democracy doesn’t work (the way it was designed):

  2. Tom says:

    the underlying cause of the problems in the world (going forward especially):

  3. Hendrix says:

    This is an instant classic, no? As if BF doesn’t know that all the monotheistic (and otherwise intolerant) religions benefit from the “cloak” of civil rights which allows them to exist in a secular society until they can subvert it from within. So BF would agree we shouldn’t make room for a religion full of people who bitterly cling to a guide book in which the first 2 of the top 10 commandments call out the evil of idolaters who follow other religions?

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