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As Fundamentalists Fume, Remember America’s First Faith-Based Initiative

The current symbolic aim of America’s Christian fundamentalists is to declare Islam and Muslims the enemy of America to be defeated. The current fundamentalist Christian rallying cry is “no mosques in America!” If the fundamentalists succeed, those who are members of the right religion will get to keep on building their houses of worship in America, while those who are members of the wrong religion will have their houses of worship banned.

There’s a word for that: theocracy.

Theocracy in America has been tried before. Witchcraft was a felony. Do you recall how it turned out?

The Salem Witch Trials: America's First Faith-Based Initiative

Stop the panic. Halt the rush to theocracy. Let’s not go there again.

4 comments to As Fundamentalists Fume, Remember America’s First Faith-Based Initiative

  • Jacob

    Actually, wasnt the first faith based initiative in America the founding of America

    • Jim

      1. To quote Richard Dawson, “survey says XXX.” Read the Constitution, the supreme and foundational law of the United States. The only mentions of religion in the U.S. Constitution are prohibitions against government meddling in religion and against applications of religious tests for public office.

      2. America existed as a set of American colonies before it existed as the United States of America.

      The American witch-hunters in Salem, on the other hand, were in it whole-heartedly for Jesus.

    • Jacob, do you mean by the tectonic plates, or by the people who crossed the Bering Strait?

  • Tom

    Fundies are no fun.

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