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Survey: Do You Know How Many Adults in the U.S.A. are Muslim?

As the right-wing media froth about the imminent implementation of sharia law in America, let’s take a step back and consider what would have to occur for that to happen. There are actually many different understandings and implementations of sharia in various Muslim countries, a fact that is usually ignored by the likes of FOX News, but for the sake of argument let’s imagine the harshest set. To the extent that sharia law in America would enshrine discrimination, restrict equal rights, gut free speech, or impose cruel or unusual punishments, there would only be two ways that such law could be implemented in the United States:

1. Two-thirds majorities of both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate would have to approve a series of amendments to the United States Constitution, because such laws are currently unconstitutional. Then three-quarters of the state legislatures of the 50 states would have to ratify these amendments.

2. The American people could elect George W. Bush’s secret clone as President and have him just plain ignore the constitution all over again.

Either way, in order to implement Sharia law in the United States you’d have to have a very large majority of Muslims in the population. How far is the U.S. away from this?

That wasn’t a rhetorical question. I want you to guess what percentage of the adult population of the United States is Muslim. My source: the most recent American Religious Identification Survey. No peeking until you’ve guessed in the poll below!

[poll id=”13″]

6 comments to Survey: Do You Know How Many Adults in the U.S.A. are Muslim?

  • Tom

    Damn. i first clicked on .6% then second guessed it to 3.whatever. i thought it would be higher than that, but i guess not.

    • Jim

      It’s not a “whatever” — those numbers mean something. At 0.6%, the number of Muslims in America would have to increase fivefold just to reach your guess of 3%. There’s no way America is going to be implementing Sharia law any time soon.

  • Mark

    There are actually more athiests than there are Muslims. I guess after Islam is declared illegal atheism will be next. Followed by Buddism, Hinduism, Judaism, Mormanism, … Slippery slope!

  • Mark

    Isn’t this how Hitler came to power? He identified a minority that was the root of all of his country’s problems and than rallied the majority to persecute this minority. Will we ever come to our senses?

    • You’ve got some important points here, Mark. There are definite historical commonalities between the Nazis and the anti-Cordoba crowd. You’re also right, I think, to suspect that after the Muslims are dealt with by the American right wing, other groups would soon be targeted.

      Consider the historical root of the Cordoba House. The city of Cordoba was a refuge of relative tolerance in medieval times. The Muslims were in charge, but Jews and Christians were allowed to live freely there according to their own consciences – no sharia law imposed upon them. When Christian fanatics Ferdinand and Isabella expelled Muslims from Spain, they ended the tolerance of Cordoba, and deported the Jews. Then began the Spanish inquisition against Christian heretics, and wars against protestant Christian nations.

      The anti-semitic campaign that Ferdinand and Isabella promoted was a significant part of the historical foundation for the Nazi ideology of anti-semitism.

      The “mosque” that the American anti-muslim zealots want to ban: The Cordoba House.

  • Tom

    Oh that’s just GREAT, Truman,thanks for that info. Good insight Mark. Yeah, i’m sure Christ is REAL happy right about now with his whole corrupted, pedophile infested, anti-science, dogma-driven “church.” Love to see that promised return trip – it would be a hoot.

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