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OH-12: Pat Tiberi Talks Jobs But Does Nothing to Create Them

On the subject of jobs, congressman Patrick Tiberi likes to talk tough, declaring over and over again what Congress must do to bring jobs back to America:

Jobs, not health care, should be the focus of Congress and the president, U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Genoa Township) told the Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce Tuesday.

“That’s where the focus should be — jobs and the economy,” Tiberi said.

As I’ve been saying our focus in Congress should be on creating an environment friendly to job-creation.

Yes, Pat Tiberi can shove out news releases with the best of them. But the sticky bit is that Tiberi belongs to the very body he says must move into action. Pat Tiberi could help remedy what he says is Congress’ woeful inaction on American jobs by putting down the mike and picking up a pen. Instead of simply complaining that the Congress isn’t doing what he’d like, Pat Tiberi could do what members of Congress usually do when they see a problem: introduce a bill to resolve that problem.

In the 111th Congress of 2009-2010, has Pat Tiberi introduced any bill with any focus whatsoever on jobs? No.
Has Pat Tiberi introduced any amendment or even symbolic resolution with any focus whatsoever on jobs? No.
Has Tiberi even introduced any bill or amendment or resolution that could create (as he put it) “an environment friendly to job creation”? No.
Heck, has Tiberi even created any budget earmarks that would direct money to his district to create jobs there? No.

Pat Tiberi has introduced seven bills to the U.S. Congress since he was last elected. Five of these are entirely symbolic bills that don’t accomplish anything, but only make declarations (like Tiberi’s declaration that “jobs should be the focus of Congress”): to celebrate an Antarctic treaty forged 50 years ago, to congratulate a local soccer team for winning a game, to rename a post office, to name September “Brain Aneurysm Month”, and to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the use of telescopes for astronomy. Two bills introduced by Pat Tiberi since he last got elected accomplish something: one bill would give one particular family an immigration exemption, and another would review unidentified corpses to determine their veteran status.

That’s all Patrick Tiberi has to his name in the 111th Congress. For a time when so many residents in his district are losing their jobs, Pat Tiberi is writing bills to commemorate telescope usage, rename post offices and recall the glory days of South Pole diplomacy. Although he chastises everybody else in Congress for failing to do anything about American jobs, he doesn’t lift a finger to solve the problem himself.

One thought on “OH-12: Pat Tiberi Talks Jobs But Does Nothing to Create Them”

  1. Hendrix says:

    Thanks for the report. I would think fixing up the health care system that currently delivers low benefits for high cost (compared to other countries) makes for a better employment environment in several ways. Also, congress (the majority anyway) is no longer even focused on health care. They did all they care to do already and have moved on (to promoting the oil industry, investigating Democratic ethics, etc). The only reps that want to keep health care discussion on the table are PT’s fellow conservatives who want to keep debating the weak improvements made by the health care bill until the vote goes their way.

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