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OH-12: Paula Brooks Buckeye Cash Versus Pat Tiberi PAC Machine

In this year’s race for Ohio’s 12th District seat in Congress, Democratic challenger Paula Brooks has received more in campaign contributions from the people of Ohio ($723,795) than Republican incumbent Patrick Tiberi has ($712,701).

In total campaign dollars, however, Pat Tiberi holds an immense advantage, with a warchest of $2,118,311. Paula Brooks has only $994,336 at her disposal. This is a decisive imbalance that could decide the race.

The difference: Pat Tiberi has collected $1,198,022 in PAC contributions from corporate entities. Paula Brooks has collected just $158,074 in PAC contributions. If money is a determinative factor in this race, Pat Tiberi will likely win due to his advantage in attracting the investment of corporate interests.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thinkin i should send her some money.:)

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