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Popular Bumper Stickers August 2010: Welcome Back Barack, Shoo Republicans

In the month of August 2008, the following were our five best-selling bumper stickers:

1. Librarians Against Palin bumper sticker
2. People With One House Against McCain bumper sticker
3. Republicans for Barack Obama bumper sticker
4. I Like Obama, But is America Ready for a President with Brains? bumper sticker
5. Hope, Not Fear: Obama 2008 bumper sticker

At the time, attention was riveted on the presidential contest between John McCain, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and… that other guy, some Joe fella. But a year later, in the month of August 2009, attention had largely returned to policy topics; the following were our five best-selling bumper stickers:

1. I Support Healthcare Reform bumper sticker
2. O: The President bumper sticker
3. America for Health Care Reform bumper sticker
4. Vote No on 1 gay marriage bumper sticker
5. GOP Health Care Plan? Don’t Get Sick! bumper sticker

Fast forward to the month just passed, August 2010. In the list of our five top-selling bumper stickers this month, I see evidence of a turn away from policy thinking and a return to campaign thinking:

1. Barack Obama campaign bumper sticker
2. Just Say No to the Party of No anti-Republican bumper sticker
3. I Love America Too Much to Vote Republican bumper sticker
4. Thank Me, I Voted for Obama bumper sticker
5. Republicans Cut Veterans Benefits bumper sticker

Notably, there aren’t any specifically pro-Democrat bumper stickers in this latest set; sentiment is more anti-Republican. Also of notice is that none of the congressional campaign bumper stickers we offer make the top five either. Attention is already leaping local midterm 2010 elections to the national presidential re-election bid of Barack Obama in 2012.

6 thoughts on “Popular Bumper Stickers August 2010: Welcome Back Barack, Shoo Republicans”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    Is this turn back to partisan campaigning due to the Democrats’ lack of any powerful policy substance this year?

  2. Daft Greg says:

    How about “Vote Democrat for More of the Sane”

      1. Daft Greg says:

        Good one. I was thinking this would be a good bumper sticker for Obama 2012: “Change: I really mean it this time”

      2. Ross Levin says:

        Very nice. If I had a car of my own, I’d buy that one.

  3. Mastermo411 says:

    Great One! I love funny bumper stickers! I saw this idea though. Check it out Its for like, a bumper sticker you could change electronically. Does anything like that exist?

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