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Organic Tests Better For Soil and Human Health

For years now, one of the points made by defenders of conventional agriculture (agriculture that makes heavy use of industrial methods and materials) is that organic farms don’t actually make food that’s healthier. Of course, this argument ignores the core argument that organic farming is environmentally more healthy than industrial agriculture, but still, conventional agriculture’s defenders have had a point: Organic farmers often try to sell their produce by claiming that it’s more healthy than produce grown on industrial farms, but they haven’t had much evidence to back up those claims.

This week, that’s changed – at least as far as strawberries are concerned. The results of a study just published compared strawberries grown on organic farms and strawberries grown using conventional methods. The researchers found that the soil was more biologically diverse on organic farms, and that the strawberries grown organically – without the supertoxic pesticide methyl bromide – were richer in antioxidants as well. Eating foods high in antioxidants has been identified as a factor in better human health. The organic strawberries also had a longer shelf life, and were judged to be superior in taste.

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