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Pew Center Confirms There Is No Border Crisis

Radical Republicans and other right wing ideologues like to talk about what they call the “border crisis” or the “illegal immigration crisis”. They rant about how liberals refuse to do anything about the crisis and are selling America out to a bunch of foreigners. They say that racist laws like Arizona’s SB 1070, in which people can be imprisoned for nothing more than being hispanic in appearance while not carrying identification, are necessary in order to stop the crisis.

The story of an illegal immigration crisis along the border with Mexico has been told so many times, with such extreme alarm, that most Americans now take it for granted that such a crisis actually exists. That’s the sign of a successful propaganda campaign, but what about the facts? Is there really a crisis along the border with Mexico, with rampant illegal immigration?

A new study by the Pew Hispanic Center shows clearly that there is no border crisis. There is no crisis of illegal immigration.

The study finds that the average annual inflow of illegal immigrants into the United States has decreased to little more than one third of the level it was at ten years ago. The study found that, in the last three years alone, the number of illegal immigrants living in the United States has declined by one million.

The border crisis is a hoax. It’s a myth. If anything, there’s an anti-crisis.

Don’t believe the hype. Right wingers are simply trying to profit from the fear many Americans have of foreigners, and of people who don’t look like themselves.

Wise voters who choose a congressional candidate according to the “border issue” this November will do so by voting against any politician who repeats the propaganda of a crisis in illegal immigration.

3 thoughts on “Pew Center Confirms There Is No Border Crisis”

  1. ramone says:

    for once republicans have inadvertently stumbled onto a solution for one of their manufactured problems. they have solved the illegal immigration problem by tanking the economy. who wants to come pay thousands to be smuggled into this country, only to find no jobs even on the lowest rung of our economic ladder?

  2. Tom says:

    Good point ramone. i would only add that the supposed “border crisis” is on the same level as gay rights issues, abortion bullshit, and all the other crap that they bring up – distractions to the fact that Reagan (and his “deficits don’t matter”),Clinton (with Nafta and Gatt), the Bushes (especially Jr.), and finally do-nothing (about the financial fraud) Obama RUINED not only our economy but that of the entire world by now. At the same time they’re re-directing our anger at each other rather than at them (the mega-wealthy and corporations) so they can continue reaping the spoils of a government gone bad.

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