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Hurricane Flips Oil Workers Into The Water

At the beginning of this week, I mentioned a new oil spill near Phuket, Thailand. Since then, there’s been another crude oil accident along the coast of east Asia. This time, the accident involves an offshore drilling rig in Chinese waters.

Four oil rig workers were catapulted into the waters of Bohai Bay in the Shandong Province of China when their drilling platform was struck by wind and waves stirred up by Hurricane Malou. The storm caused the offshore platform to tilt into the water at an angle of 45 degrees.

Two of the workers were rescued from the waters. The other two are missing, and although teams are searching for them, high wind and choppy water is making the effort next to impossible.

One thought on “Hurricane Flips Oil Workers Into The Water”

  1. Tom says:

    Deaths, environmental damage, political corruption and more all written off as simply the “cost of doing business.”

    Great world we live in, eh? Yes sir, let’s VOTE to keep the status quo going forever. No need to change anything here, no sir!

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