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Political Donation: the ACLU

GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) is an effort headed by an ex-Dell executive to elect its own slate of candidates to the House of Representatives in 2012. Yesterday, I found out that GOOOH prohibits anyone from running for office under its banner if they have given money to the American Civil Liberties Union.

After finding out this fact, I have deep regret. My regret is not that Irregular Times has given money to the ACLU. We’re proud to donate a dollar to liberal causes in America every time we sell a sweatshop-free t-shirt through Skreened, and we’re proud to give to the ACLU. It’s thanks to the ACLU that we all found out multiple branches government spy on Americans without a warrant, despite the fact that the Constitution prohibits this. It’s thanks to ACLU’s crack team of lawyers that courts have protected the right of free speech for people who are saying unpopular things. Most recently, the ACLU has gone to court to stop the big-government program of seizing laptops at the border and holding them for long periods of time even when there is no evidence or even suspicion of wrongdoing by the laptops’ owners.

No, my regret is that Irregular Times has limited resources to donate to worthy causes like the ACLU, doing the hard work of protecting American freedom even when that freedom is unpopular. But we’re sending our latest political donation to the ACLU today to help it continue its very important work. If you have a few spare bucks, please consider making a donation to the ACLU too.

One thought on “Political Donation: the ACLU”

  1. Tom says:

    “We” don’t want “them” to have any rights. After all . . .

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