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Ron Paul For President of the North American Union

Ron Paul supporters love to fret about a conspiracy theory of plot to suck the United States into a mythical supernational entity known as the North American Union. The idea of the North American Union provides a justification for their libertarian, anti-government, pro-gun activism. So, the Ron Paul War Room warns us, “the push for a North American Union is not dead and obviously Mexico remains an important part of this agenda.”

It doesn’t matter to them that, as years pass, no North American Union materializes. Ron Paul fanatics continue to insist that the North American Union is just around the corner, unless we follow the wisdom of their beloved leader.

Ron Paul himself has suggested that the fact that the North American Union has not been created is a cause for worry that a One World Government is on the way. Paul says, “The move away from sovereign nations is still ongoing. There’s still this effort to take advantage of this crisis and move toward an international agreement or a world government. So I see the fact that they talk less about regional government is probably… is not a good sign.”

The folk tales of the North American Union present a dangerous narrative, given that the story leads to a form of extremist politics that seeks to dismantle the best aspects of our democratically-established government. Still, it’s difficult not to smile a bit when a Paulite begins a rant against the NAU. The rants offer a combination of naivete with a thin film of faux inside knowledge that’s so deluded it’s almost cute.

To honor this adorable corner of American culture, we’ve created the t-shirt you see here, promoting Ron Paul for President of the North American Union. It gets their hopes up at meeting a rare person of like mind, and then tugs the rug out from underneath, ever so gently. There’s nothing more entertaining than poking a Ron Paul supporter, after all.

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