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August 2010 was the 7th Hottest August in U.S. History

On Wednesday night, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its National Climate summary of August 2010. Across the 48 continental United States, August 2010 was the 7th hottest August in the 116 consecutive years of U.S. temperature records. Not one of the 48 states that faced colder than normal temperatures in August 2010; 41 of the 48 states faced hotter than normal temperatures, and 17 out of the 48 states experienced one of their 10 hottest Augusts on record.

The above is a description of weather. The following are descriptions of a climate trend: the best-fit line for temperature trends in August from 1885-2010 shows increasing temperatures over time in the United States. 17 out of the first 25 Augusts in the U.S. temperature record fell below the overall August average of 72.9 degrees Fahrenheit. 18 out of the most recent 25 Augusts fall above that average.

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