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3 thoughts on “CEO Pay Cuts In Perspective”

  1. Tom says:

    Yeah, compare those “salaries” to the bag of peanuts we all receive each week for working our asses off, stressing about getting fired (“at will” in my state – no reason needed), wondering about paying bills and making ends meet on the measly pittance our jobs pay, trying to keep some semblence of sanity and life on these meager rations and finally wondering how long we can keep this up?

    On a side note, the Kraft Foods shooting this morning here in Philadelphia (the “City of Brotherly Love”, no less)


    may give some indication of the stress workers are under and the hopeless situation many find themselves in. As Gerald Celente says “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it!”

  2. Tom says:

    Meanwhile, a question i’ve raised on this site many times: Where are the protests (or protesters, to be more accurate)?

    1. Jim says:

      Tom, the article you link to asks why there aren’t massive protests centered on economic progressivism in the United States.

      Just such a protest (massive by all indications) is scheduled for October 2, 2010: see

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