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Video Of Me Burning A Quran In Protest!

All the drama over whether Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida will burn a Quran can now stop. I’ve already done it!

Look here at my video of the Koran-burning protest I just did: Burning A Koran… and here’s a YouTube copy of it if you have trouble watching WMV files.

video of a koran burned in protest

Actually, I lied. the book that I threw on the fire was a copy of the Christian Holy Bible. How do you feel about the protest now?

To tell the truth, the book I lit on fire was a copy of a collection of very bad poetry assembled under the title Most Beloved Poems Of All Time. Given the way that Christians and Muslims have been behaving about the proposed Koran burning protest, I’m tempted to say that a collection of bad old poems is all that religion amounts to in the end.

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