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International Microgrant: Village Enterprise Fund

Every time someone buys one of our sweatshop free t-shirts through Skreened, we send a dollar to a liberal policy group in the USA and send another dollar in economic development aid for the developing world. That way, you can have the security of knowing that the shirt on your back was made with respect for the human who made it, but you also can be assured that some money is being directed to the developing nations that desperately need capital.

Until last month, we’d made our overseas economic development donations through Kiva microloans, but then we discovered that the Kiva system involves charging immensely high interest rates to destitute borrowers. Kiva says it can’t do any better than usury, which means we’ll have to do better than Kiva. So this month our donation goes to the Village Enterprise Fund, an organization that distributes microgrants to groups of people living in rural Kenya and Uganda. These groups use the microgrants to start up small businesses while VEF gives them ongoing training in business practices.

2 thoughts on “International Microgrant: Village Enterprise Fund”

  1. Tom says:

    While our elected Hope & Change guy does this:

  2. Debbie Hall says:

    Thank you!! I am a member of the Board of Directors at Village Enterprise Fund. We are most grateful for your support, and for helping to share the word of our work. Indeed, we work with people in the very poorest in rural parts of Kenya and Uganda by helping them start small businesses. These people are not well served by microloans because they’ve never run a small business and lack the confidence to even think they could take out a (high-interest) microloan to run one. The most critical thing they need is business training and personal mentoring, which Village Enterprise Fund provides, along with a small grant of $150 (in two installments as they progress). VEF has started over 20,000 small businesses in over 20 years.

    And I’m delighted to learn about skreened shirts.

    Debbie Hall
    Board Vice Chair

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