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In Same-Sex Marriage Era, Massachusetts Divorce Rate Drops AGAIN

When anti-gay forces organize to stop gay and lesbian Americans from getting married to one another, they give their groups names like “the National Organization for Marriage” and talk about the “destruction of marriage.” They say that if you let same-sex marriages happen, it will lead to a moral “deinstitutionalization” of marriage that will in turn increase the divorce rate.

But is it true that same-sex marriage leads to an increase in the divorce rate? The CDC recently released divorce statistics for the fifty states of the USA through the end of 2009, allowing us to put the idea to a test. Let’s look at Massachusetts, which legalized same-sex marriage in early 2004. What was the MA divorce rate before and after 2004?

Massachusetts Divorce Rate, 1999-2009: A Decline after Gay Marriage

Now that sure doesn’t look like an increase in the divorce rate to me. It looks like divorces per 1,000 population in Massachusetts have fallen by 24% in the six years since same-sex marriage was legalized there.

Marriage is doing better than fine in Massachusetts. One more excuse to deny your fellow Americans equality is knocked away.

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