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People Killed Because Of Koran Burnings!

General David Petraeus said last week that American soldiers would be endangered by any burning of the Koran here in the United States. Over the weekend, a Koran was burned, not for the first time, by the extremist Westboro Baptist Church.

So, were any American soldiers killed as a result? No, put two other people were.

Here’s the catch: Those two people killed as a result of the Koran burning were Afghans protesting against the burning of the Koran. Four others were wounded. The US-supported Afghan Army shot them.

It looks as if the exercise of freedom of speech and religion here in the United States doesn’t really endanger anyone in the U.S. military. The people who are really at risk are those who are so zealously religious that they’re wiling to put themselves in harm’s way in wild reaction to a little blasphemy.

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