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Delaware Primary Results 2010

Delaware is not a large state, and so it has only two congressional primaries today. One seat in the U.S. House and one seat in the U.S. Senate are at stake, and only one party is holding an election to allow Delaware residents to choose nominees.

Democratic incumbent Ted Kaufman, who was appointed to the seat after the resignation of Joseph Biden to become Vice President, is not running for re-election. However, there is no competition among Democrats to succeed Biden and Kaufman. Chris Coons is the only Democrat running for Senate in Delaware.

Two candidates are competing for the Republican nomination to the open Senate seat. Mike Castle is the current at-large Representative for Delaware in the U.S. House. Christine O’Donnell has less experience in elected office, but has been endorsed by Sarah Palin and is campaigning on an anti-constitutional platform, seeking to preemptively deny people accused of crimes of their legal rights, as if they had already been convicted. Over the past 48 hours, the Republican party establishment of Delaware has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at O’Donnell, bringing Republican staffers from her past campaigns out of the woodwork to accuse her of the most humiliating human weaknesses and to declare that she is so incompetent as to be a danger to the people of Delaware. Over the past hour, it has become clear that Christine O’Donnell is the voters’ choice as the GOP nominee for Delaware’s open Senate seat. It will be interesting to see whether various Republican Party officials manage to backpedal from their remonstrations.

John Carney is the sole Democrat running for the House seat being vacated by Representative Castle. Three Republicans are competing for their party’s nomination. Glenn Urquart, in this summer of two exploded oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, is campaigning on the idea that environmental regulation is too strong. Michele Rollins seeks to gain a seat in Congress with the belief that “market forces”, such as the profit motive of BP executives, should be trusted with America’s natural resources. The third GOP candidate, Rose Izzo, chants “Drill here, drill now!!” – but as far as we know, has not authorized an oil well to be constructed on her own property. Rollins and Urquart are locked in a tight battle for the nomination that is simply too close to call and may remain that way for some time.

4 thoughts on “Delaware Primary Results 2010”

  1. Tom says:

    How about that! The Nazi Candidate WON! Oh boy, i can’t wait til my rights are taken away when i’m accused of doing something, or maybe they’ll go even further and just start putting people in prison for “being there”. Ain’t America GRATE!

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Could you elaborate your statement about what makes this candidate “Nazi”? Is it the preemptive punishment of criminal suspects, or another policy she follows?

  2. Tom says:

    How’s politics going to solve this (especially with THESE kind of idiots running the show)?,1518,715138,00.html

  3. Tom says:

    and of course we aren’t concerned about the BP oil “spill” any longer:

    by “Nazi” i mean her anti-constitutional stance, denial of rights, etc. that the neocons employ in their all out HOMELAND SECURITY police state. Of course, Obama’s playing right along, being a good puppet.

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