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New Hampshire Primary Results

Judd Gregg’s seat in the United States Senate has a space on the ballot this November, but Gregg is retiring rather than running for re-election. The race to succeed him will be one of three congressional elections in New Hampshire this autumn. Current U.S. Representative Paul Hodes is the uncontested Democratic nominee for Senate. Tom Alciere, Kelly Ayotte, Jim Bender, Bill Binnie, Dennis Lamare and Ovide Lamontagne all sought to become the Republican nominee.

With 80 percent of precincts reporting in the Republican senatorial primary, it’s neck and neck. Once thought to be a certain victor, Kelly Ayotte is just one point ahead of Ovide Lamontagne.

New Hampshire has just two congressional districts. In the first district, Democratic incumbent Carol Shea-Porter has no Democratic rivals. Eight Republicans fought for the right to take on Shea-Porter in November’s general election. Among those, Rich Ashooh, Bob Bestani, Frank Guinta, and Sean Mahoney have the strongest campaign organizations.

With 77 percent of precincts reporting, the GOP primary in this district remains close. Frank Guinta has 33 percent of the vote, not far ahead of Rich Ashooh, who has 28 percent.

The second district seat is being vacated by Paul Hodes, with Ann McLane Kuster and Katrina Swett competing for the Democratic nomination to take his place. On the Republican side, former Congressman Charlie Bass was expected to lead a pack of five candidates.

With 81 percent of precincts reporting in the 2nd district, Charlie Bass does not have the commanding lead that was expected of him. He has 42.8 percent, just 7 points ahead of rival Jennifer Horn. With 81 percent of precincts reporting in the 2nd district Democratic primary, Ann Kuster has a strong lead over Katrina Swett, with 71 percent of the vote.

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  1. Colli says:

    I am thinking that Hodes will get exactly what he deserves . . . the worst loss ever experience in the state of NH! He was nothing more than a puppet for Pelosi and voted a strict party line regardless of what the electorate wanted. Let’s see how far selling his constituency down the toilet gets him!

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