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Proof: the Republican Party Doesn’t Care About Fiscal Conservatism. Quo Vadis, Tea Party?

When Barack Obama gave a speech in Columbus, Ohio last year, I turned out to protest Barack Obama’s surveillance practices. The other protesters who I met outside the speech, part of a small grassroots Tea Party presence, didn’t care so much about Barack Obama’s big brother spying powers; they’d supported George W. Bush after all. No, they said they were upset that Barack Obama had ruined the economy:

At the time, Barack Obama had been in office for two months. Shortly thereafter, the stock market rose and now is a fair bit higher than when he took office. So do you think those Tea Party protesters support Barack Obama now?

Tea Party organizations say they are organizing because they want to promote “fiscal responsibility”:

Fiscal Responsibility – Government at all levels must learn to live within its means. To saddle future generations with the crushing burden of our excess spending is unconscionable.

You know, the policies of George W. Bush ballooned the deficit horribly, and the continuation of Bush-era policies has created most of the rise of the deficit during the Obama years. But I don’t recall a Tea Party movement protesting the presidency of George W. Bush.

While the Tea Party proclaims (through GOP-controlled mouthpieces) that it will be clamoring for the election of Republicans in the interest of “fiscal responsibility,” the Republican Party is humming an altogether different tune. The Republican Party leadership in Congress proposed a fiscal package today of tax cuts for America’s wealthy.

Are the wealthy the Republicans want to save in trouble? You tell me:

And here’s the cherry on top. That proposal by the Republican Party of tax cuts for the already-rich (who are doing just fine even in this recession) would explode the deficit four times larger than the recently-passed health care plan and the stimulus package combined.

The Tea Party movement has been moaning and whining about how fiscally irresponsible the Obama-supported stimulus and health care plans are for our country’s budget.

If the Tea Party movement really believes what it’s saying, it will start holding massive anti-Republican protests now that the GOP is trying to quadruple the deficit damage of the Obama administration.

If the Tea Party movement is a puppet of the Republican Party and big money interests, it will do no such thing.

Watch what the Tea Party movement does and draw your own conclusion.

One thought on “Proof: the Republican Party Doesn’t Care About Fiscal Conservatism. Quo Vadis, Tea Party?”

  1. Tom says:

    It’s all about the billionaire Koch brothers. No one else counts (apparently). These two shit heads can BUY all the votes they want, make news anytime they feel like it, and don’t have to bother with “the truth” since enough repetition of their b/s will supplant it long enough to cause its intended effect. Gee, ain’t money great?

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