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Rhode Island Primary Results 2010

There are no U.S. Senate seats up for re-election today in Rhode Island, but contests in two U.S. House districts have contests on both the Democratic and Republican sides.

In the 1st district, incumbent Patrick Kennedy is retiring. Kara Russo and John Loughlin are seeking the Republican nomination, while David Cicilline, Anthony Gemma, Bill Lynch and David Segal are competing for the Democratic nomination.

With all precincts now reporting, David Cicilline is the clear victor on the Democratic side, though without a majority of the vote. Cicilline got 37.2 percent of the primary vote, with Anthony Gemma coming in second at 23.1 percent. John Loughlin is the Republican victor over Kara Russo by a landslide, with 83.3 percent of the vote.

In the 2nd district, Democratic incumbent James Langevin is being challenged by Betsy Dennigan, who opposes Langevin’s support for legislation that would have blocked access to insurance coverage for abortion. Bill Clegg, Michael Gardiner, Donald Robbio and Mark Zaccaria are seeking the GOP nomination.

Mark Zaccaria won a majority of the Republican vote, with 54.9 percent, and Bill Clegg trailing with less than half of that amount, at 21.6 percent. Representative Langevin has won the Democratic primary, but with less than 60 percent of the vote, a weak showing for an incumbent among voters of his own party.

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