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Wisconsin Primary Results 2010

In Wisconsin, Senator Russ Feingold is under harsh attack from Republicans, but faces no Democratic opposition in today’s congressional primary. Aiming for the GOP nomination are Ron Johnson, who embraces the Cold Earther belief that human-caused global warming is a hoax, Stephen Finn and Dave Westlake, who celebrates the status of the USA as a “petroleum-based nation” and shares Johnson’s status as a Cold Earther.

Cold Earth sentiments seem popular among Wisconsin Republicans. 92 percent of precincts are now reporting, and Ron Johnson has almost 85 percent of the vote.

There is no contested primary in the 1st district, where Paul Ryan is the incumbent, and will be challenged in the general election by Democrat John Heckenlively.

In the 2nd congressional district, Republicans Peter Theron and Chad Lee are campaigning against Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin with displays of intense anti-environmentalism, embracing Cold Earther claims about climate science and promoting expanded offshore drilling in spite of the exceptional amount of oil spilled into the Earth’s oceans this year. Baldwin faces no Democratic rival.

The contest between Theron and Lee has been very close tonight. A few precincts have yet to report, and Lee is ahead by only about 5 percent.

In the 3rd district, Republican candidates Bruce Evers and Dan Kapanke skirt the edge of Cold Eartherism, opposing legislation to deal with climate change while not explicitly denying the reality of global warming. Incumbent Democrat Ron Kind does not face a challenger in today’s primary.

Kapanke seems almost certain to be the Republican nominee against Kind. 15 percent of precincts in the district still have yet to report, but with a lead of 55 percent so far, it’s practically impossible for Bruce Evers to catch up.

4th district incumbent Gwen Moore is confronted by a challenge from fellow Democrat Paul Morel today. On the Republican side, Ken Lipinski and Dan Sebring compete for the nomination.

Sebring appears to be the victor for the Republican nomination, with almost 56 percent of the vote. Representative Moore had little trouble keeping her party’s support, with over 83 percent of voting Democrats casting their ballots for her.

Neither the 5th nor the 6th district in Wisconsin have any contested primary elections today.

7th district incumbent Dave Obey is not running for re-election. Julie Lassa and Don Raihala are running to succeed him as the Democratic nominees for the district. Dan Mielke and Sean Duffy are vying for the Republican nomination.

With 92 percent of the vote now officially tallied, Duffy is the clear victor in the GOP race, with two thirds of the Republican vote. Lassa will be the Democratic nominee. At this point, she has about 85 percent over Raihala.

In the 8th district, incumbent Steve Kagen has no Democratic rival. However, four Republicans are competing to take him on in the November election: Terri McCormick, Reid Ribble, Roger Roth and Marc Savard. With 90 percent of precincts reporting, Ribble leads this lot with over 47 percent of the vote. Roth is in a distant second place with about 32 percent.

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