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With Americans Elect on the Sideline, Jokesters Hop on the Unity12 Memewagon

Americans Elect, the corporation with an aim of nominating its own candidates for President and Vice President of the United States in 2012, has remained silent for an unexpectedly long time. All of its activity, from declaring its existence as the Unity12 Task Force in April, to paying the legal bills of Unity08 in May, to renaming itself as Americans Elect in July, to a invitation-only August PR meeting in Aspen, has taken place in private. While the group fundraises from its own President, it makes no noise in the public sphere. That leaves the mike open to be seized by jokesters and pranksters like DougJ of Balloon Juice, who tried to pull one over on the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza with this “sincere” question:

Q. On “Meet the Press” this weekend, your colleague David Broder was talking a potential Greene-Marceaux Unity 12 ticket? Any chance we’ll see that? How would they do in a general election? Given the possibility of an unpopular president and a divisive Republican nominee (think Palin), I would have think they’ve got a reasonable shot.

– August 16, 2010 11:17



Nice BasilMarceauxdotcom reference though.

David Broder wasn’t on Meet the Press that week and Cillizza picked up on the joke. Did the Basil Marceaux reference give it away?

One thought on “With Americans Elect on the Sideline, Jokesters Hop on the Unity12 Memewagon”

  1. Tom says:

    Priceless! Guy looks like he just left the bar!

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