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List of 31 Democrats Who Signed The Letter Insisting On Tax Cuts For The Rich

If you pay attention to politics, you’ve probably heard by now about the 31 House Democrats who have sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi demanding that the Democratic leadership abandon its opposition to making tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans.

The last decade shows that tax cuts for the rich don’t bring job creation. While the Bush tax cuts for wealthiest Americans have been in effect, job growth stagnated, and then went into full retreat. So, it should be clear to those who pay attention to the economic facts that tax cuts for the most wealthy Americans don’t help the rest of us.

But then, the letter from the 31 Republican-friendly Democrats may not be thinking about helping the rest of us so much as they are thinking about helping themselves. Most of their donations, and their practical political backing, comes from the financial elite, not the rest of us.

Among all the reporting on the 31 Democrats who are calling on their party’s leadership to capitulate to the demands of America’s financial elites, one important piece of information has been missing: Just who are these 31 Democrats?

Search no more. Here they are, listed below:

Jim Matheson
Gary Peters
Melissa Bean
Glenn Nye
Mike McMahon
Lincoln Davis
John Salazar
Brad Ellsworth
Dan Boren
Jim Himes
John Barrow
Ron Klein
Zack Space
Jason Altmire
Jim Costa
Allen Boyd
Harry Mitchell
Walt Minnick
Travis Childers
Harry Teague
Rick Boucher
Mike Ross
Sanford Bishop
Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin
Jim Marshall
Ann Kirkpatrick
Earl Pomeroy
Mike McIntyre
Frank Kratovil
Jim Cooper
Joe Donnelly

2 thoughts on “List of 31 Democrats Who Signed The Letter Insisting On Tax Cuts For The Rich”

  1. Tom says:

    Open letters to the newspapers in all their districts and public service announcements on the t.v. stations/radio in their areas should let voters know NON-STOP between now and November that these twits want ALL YOU PEOPLE to pay for all the crap in this country instead of making the rich give their more than fair share.

  2. Sandi says:

    There are already discrepancies in the tax rates to begin with. If you’re wealthy and your income is generated from stocks/dividends/inheritance/etc. your tax rate is about 15%. But all the rest of us hard working fools, our tax rate is 25%. So we reward wealth over work. These folks are hypocrites crying about the deficit on one hand, yet adamant in defending Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%, which will add to the deficit by 700 billion in 10 years. They have no way to pay for this. Also….trickle down economics didn’t seem to work very good while Bush was still in office now, did it? Common sense folks, common sense!!!!

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