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Mike Coffman Wants To Lay Off Public Workers

The United States continues to suffer from a terrible economic slump, with unemployment at persistently high rates. U.S. Representative Mike Coffman, from Colorado, proposed a solution to the problem yesterday: Put more Americans out of work.

Coffman introduced H.R. 6134 to the House of Representatives yesterday. If passed, Coffman’s legislation would lay off huge numbers of people working for the federal government, requiring them to accept “a period of mandatory unpaid leave”.

Democrat John Flerlage is campaigning to replace Representative Coffman in this year’s election.

One thought on “Mike Coffman Wants To Lay Off Public Workers”

  1. My two cents says:

    Federal workers are not overpaid and should not be the scapegoats for the poor economy. We work hard for our pay and go home very tired at the end of the day. We are not rich. Most of us are low on the payscale and don’t bring home fabulous amounts of money. This bill should not be supported and would not fix the economy. Also, no one has said where and how the 5.5 billion saved would be spent. I assume that it would be spent on pork. It would be a waste of time and hurt innocent people, both inside and outside the government. If the government were to shut down, a lot of things that people rely on for their daily existence would not be done. Fed workers are already overworked due to staff shortages, although we try our hardest to keep up, so if our offices were closed down, everything would grind to a halt. We are only human.

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