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Constitution Day Quiz

Today, September 17, is Constitution Day. In honor of this occasion, here’s a very short Constitution quiz for you:

Which word is found in the Constitution more often:
A. Property
B. War
C. Crime
D. Indians

Which phrase is included in the Constitution:
A. Pursuit of happiness
B. Our creator
C. Promote the general welfare
D. The rectitude of our intentions

Who did not sign the Constitution:
A. George Washington
B. John Adams
C. James Madison
D. Alexander Hamilton

1 comment to Constitution Day Quiz

  • Jim

    Well, I thought I knew a lot about the Constitution, but I got two of the answers wrong! I guessed that the second-highest word count was the first-highest (so OK, I came close on that one), and I forgot that it was ____ ______ who didn’t sign the Constitution.

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