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Lamar Smith’s Biased Rant About Media Bias

This week, U.S. Representative Lamar Smith stood before his colleagues on Capitol Hill to deliver a rant about what he suggested was a liberal media bias. Smith commented,

“Most Americans don’t believe the national media’s reporting, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center. Only about 2 in 10 say they ‘believe all or most information’ from news outlets such as the New York Times, ABC, CBS, and NBC. For the television networks, this marks a 10-point drop from a decade ago.

Americans have good reason to be skeptical of the media. A total of 17 journalists have left a national media outlet to join either the Obama administration or another liberal organization, according to the Media Research Center.”

Did you catch that? 17 journalists have either joined the Obama Administration or joined a liberal organization! (Psst. The Obama Administration isn’t really liberal) 17 journalists! That’s a huge number! Larger than 13! Do you know what percentage of American journalists that is? Why, it’s 0.03 percent of the estimated 50,000 American journalists in existence! That’s one journalist out of every three thousand! What a stampede!

There was one piece of news that Lamar Smith decided not to mention in his speech. It’s that, according to the very same survey that he cited, right wing Fox News is listed as the most unbelievable source of news in the entire United States of America. More survey respondents said that they “believe almost nothing” that comes from Fox News than disbelieved any other source of news. New York Times, ABC, CBS, and NBC – the sources cited by Congressman Smith – were less disbelieved than Fox News.

Lamar Smith’s theory to explain distrust in large media sources itself appears not to be very believable.

8 thoughts on “Lamar Smith’s Biased Rant About Media Bias”

  1. Jim says:

    How many journalists have left journalism to join the Bush administration or a conservative organization? I can think of a handful right off the top of my head.

  2. Tom says:

    Listen to this out-and-out BEGGING of a congresswoman to corporations/big business for money:

  3. Tom says:

    Something else you might be interested in, fast food:

  4. Hendrix says:

    There are also plenty of Bush admin officials that became talking heads on all networks promoting Bush policies after they left office. The right is just so good at this strategy of “working the ref” — by promoting the idea that the “media” is always too liberal, the media attempts to compensate for a non-issue and ends up focusing more on conservative spokesmen than a truly balanced report requires. And that happens whether conservatives are in power or not.

    “In every year examined by the study — 1997 – 2005 — more panels tilted right (a greater number of Republicans/conservatives than Democrats/progressives) than tilted left. In some years, there were two, three, or even four times as many right-titled panels as left-tilted panels.”

  5. Tom says:

    And the sheeple haven’t caught on even today (look at all the media attention Griftzilla and her spawn get and the Tea Party financed by the billionaire Koch brothers).

  6. anon says:

    You are a mongoloid if you can’t detect the massive media campaign to label the opponents of socialism as racists.

    Got news for you, we are taking over, and we are going to utterly crush liberal America and throw the remains in the sea.

  7. F.G. Fitzer says:

    You mean I’m from Mongolia? I hope this is Mongolian news you have for me, because I can’t understand your news unless it’s in Mongolian.

    1. Jim says:

      You know, I just hate it when people who use words like “mongoloid” get tarred as racists. How unfair.

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