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Ted Poe Fails The Constitution Quiz

Yesterday, I offered a Constitution Quiz here at Irregular Times, in honor of the celebration of Constitution Day. Congressman Ted Poe was not among those who passed the test.

To be fair, Representative Poe didn’t actually come to Irregular Times and take the test as I had written it on the our site. He did offer an answer of a sort to the following question on the quiz, though:

Which phrase is included in the Constitution:
A. Pursuit of happiness
B. Our creator
C. Promote the general welfare
D. The rectitude of our intentions

The correct answer is C. B is not correct. There is no mention of any “creator” or “God” in the Constitution at all.

Nonetheless, Ted Poe spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives this week, claiming that not just that “God” is in the Constitution, but that “God” is cited in the Constitution as the source of Americans’ rights. Poe said, “The Constitution says the things it says in plain, simple language. The Constitution is an agreement between the people and the government. It sets limits on what the government can do, not the other way around. The Constitution upholds the principle that people have God-given rights. “

In plain, simple language, does the Constitution describe in any way that people have rights given to them by any god? No. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say any such thing.

In fact, the Constitution makes it clear that no religious entity at all has the power to define Americans’ legal rights. The Constitution, in Article VI, states that “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” The First Amendment states that Congress, which has the power to define through legislation the legal rights of Americans, shall pass no law concerning an establishment of religion.

If Congressman Ted Poe is going to give a speech about the Constitution of the United States of America, he ought to read it first.

6 comments to Ted Poe Fails The Constitution Quiz

  • Luke

    Wanted to email Ted Poe reminding him that God’s laws are not written in the constitution; only to get this message:My website uses zip code authentication to determine residency in my district. If your address indicates you are a constituent of mine, you will receive a response. If your address indicates you do not reside in my district, you will be directed to your elected Representative.”
    It appears that though he is serving in a national office, he is simply not interested in hearing from those other people he represents; let alone acknowledging secular humanists, atheists, non-believers etc. in his def. of Americans.
    As a side-note, I am curious about the level of email openness in our Congressmen, if progressive, forward thinking congress critters are easier to contact than conservative, old fashioned ones. I have usually noticed that Republican elected officials either have no email option at all or make it so the user can only choose from a select range of topics.

    • Jim

      Luke, that’s an interesting question, one that we very well may look into.

      • Locke

        Luke I am merely speculating here but perhaps the reason you got that message is simply because it is not Ted Poe’s job to represent you. I realize that this action you have described might come off as a bit narrow minded but I would think it would be a bit troublesome for Ted Poe to be getting the people’s voice and opinions from areas not under his representation.That would be like a Texan trying to contact the New York governor for a problem in Texas

  • He doesn’t listen to nor answer but a few emails. You have to be good friends with him. This is only but 1 reason I am running against him and winning.

    David Smith

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