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Has The Rapture Begun This Morning?

The trouble for Christian believers waiting for the End Times is that the end never seems to come. Life goes on, and the Rapture never comes. True believers don’t get transported up to Heaven as they thought they would, and so they have to keep on waiting, and maintaining their ordinary lives in the meantime.

But wait! If a group in California is right, the Rapture may be starting today! 14 members of a Christian fundamentalist sect have been reported missing, having left notes behind informing their family members that they had “going to meet Jesus” at the “end of the world”. They were last seen praying in a church in Palmdale on Saturday.

Could this be the Rapture, at long last… or is it just a big misunderstanding? Anonymous sources within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department say that deputies are following a tip that the missing devotees are merely going to visit Jesus Perez, who lives over on Paseo Del Norte in Chula Vista. I know a few people who think of Chila Vista as the end of the world.

2 thoughts on “Has The Rapture Begun This Morning?”

  1. Rob Morris says:

    They will show up, people have a way of creating stories to make the media, Sarah Palin and her Tea Party gang all need to find some sort of rapture and disapear.

    America will face one of the biggest raptures if any of the Tea Party are allowed in. It will not be a rapture it will be a hell.
    Sarah Palin needs to shut her mouth and give back all the money she has scammed out of everyone that thinks she is such a solver. She has created hate and racists. She has no solutions. Beware what rapture you are waiting for

  2. Jim Cook says:

    Eight months later, another Christian group is predicting the Rapture, to be held today, May 21 2011. Another Christian group is going to turn out to be wrong.

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