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As Schools Close, Catholic Organizations Spend Wildly to Stop Equal Rights

As stories appear in Catholic and secular newspapers bemoaning the closings of Catholic schools, remember that Catholic organizations chose to spend millions of dollars to preserve legal discrimination in the United States of America. The Catholic group Knights of Columbus spent $1.2 million to outlaw same-sex marriage in California in 2008, making it the biggest contributor to the fight against equal rights in California. The same Knights of Columbus sent “only” $50,200 directly to the anti-equality group Stand for Marriage Maine in its 2009 bid to outlaw marriage equality in the Pine Tree State, but also shunted $1.43 million to the anti-gay Maine effort through the front group called “National Organization for Marriage” (in case you were wondering, the Knights of Columbus classifies this money laundering operation as “charity.”). Add to that sum $1.13 million spent by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to make marriage equality illegal in the state of Maine, and you can see just how massive the anti-gay effort by Catholic organizations has been.

Why are Catholic schools closing across the country? Part of the answer is that well-endowed Catholic institutions seem to hate gays more than they care about children.

One thought on “As Schools Close, Catholic Organizations Spend Wildly to Stop Equal Rights”

  1. Tom says:

    Here’s a global look at the big picture of which this article is but one small section. It’s not just gay rights – it’s everyone’s rights, jobs, piece of the pie, etc. that’s up for grabs (even SEEDS are being patented so regular folk won’t be able to grow their own food from seeds they’ve saved).

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