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Oil Spills Continue

The Deepwater Horizon drill site in the Gulf of Mexico, which spewed untold barrels of crude oil earlier this year, has finally been permanently plugged. So, has the oil spill crisis stopped? Not by a longshot. Oil spills continue to take place all the time, even if they aren’t reported by your familiar TV anchors. Recent oil spills include a burst pipeline run by a government-operated oil company in Venezuela. The company has had three fires at its oil refineries over the last two weeks. This morning, a black slick of oil washed up onto Canvey Island at the mouth of the Thames River in England. There was also a diesel spill in Utah, which suffered from a large oil spill in a waterway leading to the Great Salt Lake this summer.

One thought on “Oil Spills Continue”

  1. Tom says:

    Oil spills is just one of the factors in the continuous pollution of the air, water and land via factories, mega-farms, transportation (so we ALL play our little role in it), the way our energy is produced, mining operations, etc. is going to continue until it doesn’t (which is when humanity gets eradicated BY OUR OWN HAND from the planet).

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