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Steve Austria Takes Corporate PAC Money Without Need

In this year’s congressional election in Ohio’s 7th congressional district, incumbent Republican Steve Austria is facing only extremely anemic opposition from Democratic Party candidate Bill Conner. Nonetheless, Congressman Austria is taking large amounts of money from corporate political action committees.

corporate money for congressman austriaBill Conner has raised only $1,846, with no donations from PACs at all. So why is it, then, that Representative Austria has taken payments from the AFLAC insurance company PAC, a payment from the Altria tobacco PAC, multiple payments from the American Bankers Association PAC, money from the American Health Care Association PAC, and many payments from many other PACs aligned with the medical industry?

Why has Austria accepted money from these other PACs?

Amerigroup Corporation PAC
Ameriprise Financial Inc. PAC
AmerisourceBergen Corporation PAC
AT&T Federal PAC
Automotive Free International Trade PAC
Babcock & Wilcox Company PAC
BAE Systems Inc. PAC
Ball Corporation PAC
Boehringer Ingelheim USA Corporation PAC
Boeing Company PAC
Comcast Corporation PAC
Community Bankers Association of Ohio PAC
Dayton Power and Light Company PAC
National Automotive Dealers Association PAC
Deloitte Federal PAC
Dominion PAC
DRS Technologies PAC
Duke Energy PAC
Eastman Kodak PAC
Eli Lilly and Company PAC
Northrup Grumman Corporation PAC
Exxon Mobil Corporation PAC
FirstEnergy Corporation PAC
General Dynamics PAC

… and on and on. I’m only picking out a few of the corporate PACS as I go forward through an alphabetical list, but I’m plum tuckered out from counting all the corporate political action committees that Steve Austria has taken money from for the 2010 election. There’s even more money that isn’t counted as PAC money that Congressman Austria has taken from corporate lobbyists.

Why? So that he can defeat a $1,846 campaign from the Democratic candidate?

Strategically and ethically, this flow of big amounts of money into Steve Austria’s campaign accounts doesn’t add up.

2 comments to Steve Austria Takes Corporate PAC Money Without Need

  • Jim

    You’re right; it doesn’t.

    What does a member of Congress do with all that money when he doesn’t need it to win?

    What’s in it for Austria? Is it a vanity thing, so he gets to see his name on more congressional campaign lawn signs in bold patriotic colors? Or is there something else going on here?

    • anonymous

      I’ll tell you what’s going on…Connor doesn’t stand a chance. This is a pathetic attempt to attack a patriot by a crazy liberal. Keep up the good work Steve!

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