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Arkansas Democrats Join GOP To Vote Down LGBT Equality

Log Cabin Republicans take note: Not one single Republican member of the United States Senate voted in favor of the amendment to repeal the discriminatory Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy of kicking well-qualified soldiers out of the military simply because of homosexual activities in their personal time. Lisa Murkowski did not vote on the amendment at all, but that’s hardly a heroic stand. Republican senators are not listening to the Log Cabin Republicans’ decades-long appeal to end the GOP’s association with anti-gay bigotry.

It’s not just Republicans who are to blame for the defeat of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, however. Both of the U.S. Senators from Arkansas, Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, voted against the repeal. The Democratic Party’s continuing support for these two right wing Democrats, in a nod to the party’s pre-sixties history as a bastion of prejudice, has helped anti-gay bigotry to persist.

One final technical note on the vote is called for: Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid voted against the amendment to appeal, but only because he supports the repeal. Thanks to Senators Lincoln and Pryor, Senator Reid could not have cast the deciding vote, and by voting against the repeal, Senator Reid has retained the power to bring the measure back up for a vote at a later time.

A Summary Of The Roll Call Vote

  • Every Republican senator but Lisa Murkowski voted no
  • Lisa Murkowski did not vote
  • Harry Reid voted no, but to preserve the amendment for a future vote
  • Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor voted no
  • All other Democratic senators voted yes
  • 9 thoughts on “Arkansas Democrats Join GOP To Vote Down LGBT Equality”

    1. Ross Levin says:

      Hey, there’s a Green Party candidate running against Lincoln! And there are a few Greens in two way races with Democrats for statewide office in Arkansas.

    2. Tom says:

      Make this part of their campaign to unseat her (and all the others if you still think voting works to change things).

    3. Pam k. Janes says:

      The don’t ask don’t tell is a policy that’s a good compromise, my husband spent 21 years in the navy, why should he have to be subjected to something so immoral, I mean we think this kind of confusion only leads to more kids bieng seduced into believing Homosexuality s okay. It is not!

    4. Phyllis Schlaffly's Poodle says:

      yeah! I mean, it’s one thing to kill other human beings, dropping bombs on neighborhoods where there are children playing, but having to be professional colleagues with gay people?!? That’s just a moral outrage!

    5. Pam k. Janes says:

      I agree that war is wrong, only brought on by the gov. To promote their agendas. To take our freedom for the sake of war. So what two wrongs make a right?

    6. Phyllis Schlaffly's Poodle says:

      First of all, WRONG is not an absolute, unified moral category. It’s not as if everything that’s morally wrong is equally morally wrong. Yet, you’re not throwing a fit about your husband joining an organization that drops bombs on children. You ARE throwing a fit about your husband having to be professional colleagues with gay people. Those are screwed priorities.

      Secondly, I don’t buy this idea that being gay is immoral in the first place. What makes it immoral?

    7. Pam k. Janes says:

      The human race belongs to a org. That is corrupt. As long as we accept anything, we aways will be. We have to learn the error of our ways or we will keep repeating them. My husband was lied to he served in dessert storm and learned later the truth. Because he spoke against the navy he had to accept an honorable discharge without his retirement. So we know what sacrifice is all about. Truth is all we have left! The crap. That the gov. Uses to exploit our children to join them is ridiculous. Furthermore the law of nature tells you its wrong to be gay. If its not wrong then let’s all just become a homosexual or an adulterer, or if there is no right or wrong let’s just overthrow the whole law of society.

    8. Phyllis Schlaffly's Poodle says:

      “Furthermore the law of nature tells you its wrong to be gay…” What is this law of nature? I’ve never read that law. Never seen it.

      I do know that many animals engage in homosexual activities. Are these animals not natural, somehow?

      It’s weird to me that you think that either being gay has to be immoral OR everyone has to become gay. Do you think everyone WANTS to be gay, but is only being held back by knowledge that it’s immoral?

      Yoohoo chocolate sodas are not immoral, but I don’t drink them. Know why? They’re just not to my taste. That doesn’t mean that I have to condemn people who do drink them, and try to make them illegal.

    9. Pam k. Janes says:

      Two women cannot reproduce unless they unnaturally make it happen the law of nature. We only have to look at nature to know if a species of animals are not atleast bisexual they cannot survive. thus they would be weeded out unless you artificially made them survive. Man is no exception. We are bombarded with images of homosexuality, war, in a society that tells you do what you will. No accountability for anything and we lower our standards lower and lower till we have no standards at all. Teens bieng indoctrinated to believe sex of any kind is okay, more abortion more homosexuals more teens believing its right to do whatever you want no accountability. One thing leads to another..

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