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Green Party Senate Candidacy Literally Killed Off By an SUV. What Can You Do?

This should be talked about more than it will be.

Maryland Green Party nominee for the U.S. Senate Natasha Pettigrew was killed today. She wasn’t walking her talk: she was riding it, riding her bicycle as a means of transportation. She was hit and killed by a massive sport utility vehicle driven by someone who says she wasn’t paying enough attention to the road to tell whether she’d hit a dog, a deer, or a person, and so kept on driving for four miles.

The Cadillac Escalade costs as much as a house does in some parts of the country, as much as 415 brand-new bicycles. It has an infinitely higher gas mileage. Cadillac says its SUV has “power and presence” and is “untouchable” on the road. Sadly, Cadillac was right.

Natasha Pettigrew wrote:

We only have one planet. It is a beautiful and strong planet… we should strive to leave Earth in a better state than when we inherited it. Our goal should be the continued existence of humans, flora, and fauna… here, on our Beautiful Blue Planet.

Natasha Pettigrew can’t carry on any longer in the struggle for a cleaner environment and a lower-impact way of life. Ask yourself what you can do today. Ask yourself what you can do tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Green Party Senate Candidacy Literally Killed Off By an SUV. What Can You Do?”

  1. Green Man says:

    One thing we can do: We can continue Pettigrew’s campaign, by reporting on the things she said and wrote while she was still alive.

  2. Tom says:

    i’m sorry to hear this news (especially since i too was hit by a car once), but do you mean that no one else in the entire state of Maryland can step in to carry on for the Greens? Wasn’t there a runner-up in her party race? This is tragic.

    1. Jim says:

      No, I don’t mean that, Tom. Fortunately, it seems that the Green Party of Maryland will be able to put forward an alternative candidate.

      1. Green Man says:

        Yeah, but no one will be able to put forward an alternative Natasha Pettigrew.

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