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Pat Meehan Uses Lobbyist Party To Get Cash For Congressional Campaign

Pat Meehan makes a lot of promises about what he will do if he is elected to represent Pennsylvania’s 7th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He says that he “will be a fiscal watchdog in Congress and will fight to crack down on waste and abuse through reform and increased accountability.”

But just who will Meehan be accountable to? Who will he be watching out for?

If the party he held yesterday is any indication, Meehan will be accountable to lobbyists, and watching out for corporate interests.

At the same time that voters back in Pennsylvania settled down to home-cooked dinners, Pat Meehan was in Washington D.C., meeting with powerful political insiders and lobbyists – and taking money from them. The event he attended was hosted by lobbyist Carl Thorsen, who represents clients such as Comcast and Western Union.

The event was held at the headquarters of Dutko Worldwide, a lobbying firm that represents the following, among other clients:

– Abbott Laboratories
– The American Chemistry Council
– Aspect Energy
– Biogen Idec
– Blacklidge Emulsions
– The Consumer Electronics Association
– Convergys Corporation
– Duke Energy
– FedEx
– General Motors
– Genzyme Corporation
– GlaxoSmithKline
– The In Situ Oil Sands Alliance
– Johnson Controls
– Motorola Inc.
– NV Energy
– Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
– Qualcomm Inc.
– Roche Holdings
– Target Corporation
– Union Pacific Corporation
– United Health Group
– Zeachem Inc.

Pat Meehan is campaigning from lobbyists’ offices in Washington D.C. What makes the people living back in the 7th district of Pennsylvania think Meehan will represent their interests in Congress?

One thought on “Pat Meehan Uses Lobbyist Party To Get Cash For Congressional Campaign”

  1. Tom says:

    What makes any voter think ANY of these corporate shills “work for them”? ADVERTISING BLITZ of campaign bullshit. They mouth all the right (market tested) words to make voters THINK they’re “on their side” and all the other LIES they spew. i’m so fed up with this charade. The only thing i’ve come to believe through living through all this political activity over the years has been that when Republicans control things it’s FAR worse for the common person than when the Democrats are in power, but that BOTH parties no longer represent the interests of the common voter and that in general these “elected representatives” mostly make out lives miserable.

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