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Three Times Now: Richard Burr rejects NC invitations, parties with DC lobbyists

In August of 2009, Senator Richard Burr said he didn’t have the time to attend a civic forum in his home state of North Carolina; he declined the invitation. But Burr did have time to attend a party thrown in his honor by DC Beltway lobbyists for the financial services industry. Many checks to Burr were written that night.

In March of 2010, Senator Richard Burr declined an invitation to attend the NC Freedom Grassroots Triangle Republican Congressional Candidate Debate “due to prior commitments.” But he made the time to attend a gala reception in Washington, DC held by no fewer than 25 lobbyists for gambling, telecommunications, transportation, financial services, wholesale and other corporations. Many more checks to the Burr campaign came through.

The Caucus Room in Washington, DC

This month, Charlotte North Carolina public radio station WFAE has been trying to arrange for Senator Burr to appear on the radio for an interview and Q&A session with a live audience of his constituents. Richard Burr continues to decline the invitation. But Richard Burr has accepted an invitation to The Caucus Room, a swanky spot just off Capitol Hill with dining so fine that it holds dining etiquette classes for the behaviorally unprepared. Five days from now, Richard Burr will be hosted by seven more lobbyists at a special fundraising meal in his honor.

Richard Burr has time for the DC people. The NC people he actually represents? They can wait.

2 thoughts on “Three Times Now: Richard Burr rejects NC invitations, parties with DC lobbyists”

  1. Bob S-K says:

    This is a recurring theme with Burr here in NC. It sucks, and so, apparently, does he.

  2. Tom says:

    and yet being an incumbent he’s much more likely to win re-election

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