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Were You Spied on for Pennsylvania Homeland Security? You Have a Right to Know

Have you been involved in just about any activist events in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania over the past twelve months? If your answer to this questions is “Yes,” then you might have been spied on by contractors for the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security. Here’s what you can do about it:

1. Click here to review the 137 Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security intelligence bulletins that were sent out to government, law enforcement and corporate officials. Fortunately, they’re organized by date: look for one a week or two before the activist event you organized or attended.

2. If your rally, vigil, march, protest, town hall or other organizing meeting is included in one of the Homeland Security briefings, visit this ACLU resource to find out about your options. They include a Right to Know Kit that allows you to quickly and easily exercise your legal right to find out who was spying on you for the Pennsylvania state government, why they were spying on you, what was communicated about you, and who received those communications.

Don’t assume that because your protest or rally was peaceful, it wasn’t subject to the Homeland Security spies. Contractors were so zealous that they declared a terrorist warning for February… because February is Black History Month. They’ve issued terrorist advisories for documentary film screenings. It’s pretty far out of hand, and if you’re engaged in civic-minded dissent in Pennsylvania there’s a good chance you’ve been tracked.

One thought on “Were You Spied on for Pennsylvania Homeland Security? You Have a Right to Know”

  1. Tom says:

    The problem is that now the government seems to have a right to spy on us! That’s not going to stop any time soon no matter what the ACLU says or does. Our government is broken (no longer works as designed) and nobody knows how to fix it (but a good start would be getting corporate money and lobbyists out of the process – who’s going to stop THAT).

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