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Coda to the Bill Richardson for President “Grassroots” PR Machine

Back in 2007, when J. Clifford mused that a “grassroots” Zanby group expressing fanboy love for presidential candidate Bill Richardson seemed like the PR move of a campaign insider or someone who was angling to be hired for the campaign, Jeff Gulko protested and demanded that such musings be removed. Jeff Gulko worked for the Richardson for President campaign. Then Charles Compton complained. Charles Compton worked for the Richardson for President campaign. Cara Valente-Compton soon followed in her protestation that J. Clifford had it all wrong (before heading to another blog and threatening a libel suit against someone making a similar observation). Cara Valente-Compton worked for the Richardson for President campaign, too.

The policy part of politics is rather serious. But campaigns? What a silly business.

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