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Global Work Party To Cut Carbon

On 10/10/2010, walk, don’t drive, to a local work party for the health of our biosphere.

In Chittagong, students will clean the streets and distribute saplings.

In Ithaca, people will install a photovoltaic cell.

In Ushuaia, thirteen kilometers of the coast will be cleaned.

In Malanda, they’ll install a 30 KW wind turbine.

In Vienna, they’ll hold a bikemob.

In Ganca they will plant trees.

In Nassau they will plant a community garden.

In Gaborone they will park their cars and ride bicycles instead.

At a University in Cairo every student organization will plant its own tree.

In Ermsdorf a permaculture planting will be enhanced.

In Maroantsetra children will work to replant rainforest.

Don’t say that people can’t do anything to make things better. In 165 nations, over 3,500 events have been scheduled for the 10th of October in which people will take concrete action to confront the ecological degradation of our planet.

Search for an action near you.

One thought on “Global Work Party To Cut Carbon”

  1. Ross says:

    I think I’ll try to get people to bike to the school organic garden I started at my high school, to help with it.

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