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Juggling Sticks Made In The USA

“Nothing is made in the USA anymore,” people whine, trying to justify their purchase of stuff made in overseas sweatshop factories. They say that there’s not anything anyone can do to bring back American manufacturing.

To put it plainly, that’s a load of bullshit. American manufacturing is still around, being done by companies that aren’t looking to abuse vulnerable people for the sake of extra income for top executives and elitist investors. You can buy plenty of stuff that’s made in the USA, if only you get off of your lazy ass and take a minute to look for it.

A case in point is Channel Craft, which makes a variety of toys in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, so that American kids don’t have to accept a load of garbage made in China under a deal with that country’s autocrats.

Among the toys they make are Lunastix, a kind of funky juggling stick, including the glow in the dark model you see below. No, they don’t have Dora the Explorer decals on them, but you can deal with that, can’t you?

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