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FBI Raids Waken Slumbering Peace Movement to take Indignant Action

It’s just as possible for anti-war activists to commit crimes as anyone else, but FBI searches and seizures of items as odd as a child’s drawing and a Martin Luther King poster from anti-war activists this week in Minnesota and Illinois have undeniably roused a moribund peace movement back into high gear. United for Peace and Justice has issued the call for no fewer than 20 protests this week, starting this afternoon:

Monday 9/27:
Boston, MA – 4 to 6 pm, JFK Federal Building at 15 New Sudbury St.
Buffalo, NY- 4:30 pm at FBI Building – Corner of South Elmwood Ave. & Niagara St.
Chicago, IL – 4:30 FBI building, 2111 W. Roosevelt Road.?
Durham, NC – 12 noon Federal Building, 323 E Chapel Hill St
Gainesville, FL – 4:30 PM at FBI Building, 104 N Main Street # 4
Kalamazoo, MI – 4:30 Federal Building, 410 W Michigan Ave
Minneapolis, MN – 4:30, FBI Office Monday, 111 Washington Ave. S.
Salt Lake City, Utah – 9 AM at Federal Building, 125 South State Street

Tuesday 9/28:
Asheville, NC – 5 pm Federal Building at 151 Patton Avenue
Atlanta, GA – Noon, FBI Building at 2635 Century Parkway NE
Boston, MA – 5 pm, JFK Federal Building at 15 New Sudbury St.
Detroit, MI – 4:30 pm McNamara Federal Building, Michigan Ave & Cass
Los Angeles, CA – 5 pm, Downtown Federal Building, 300 N Los Angeles St
Newark, NJ – 5 to 6pm Federal Building on Broad Street
New York City, NY – 4:30 to 6pm Federal Building, 26 Federal Plaza
Philadelphia, PA – 4:30pm Federal Building at 6th & Market
Raleigh, NC – 9 am. Federal Building, 310 New Bern Ave
Tucson, AZ – 5 pm Federal Building at 300 W. Congress
Washington DC – 4:30 – 5:30 FBI Building, 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Wednesday 9/29:
Albany, NY – 5 to 6 pm Federal Building at Clinton & Pearl

These are protests are an opportunity to:

1. Question Authority regarding surveillance of apparently law-abiding groups (no arrests were made in these raids)
2. Question Authority regarding the broader expansion of government surveillance over millions of law-abiding Americans
3. Question Authority regarding the wisdom of ongoing bloody and expensive wars with no clear end in sight

2 thoughts on “FBI Raids Waken Slumbering Peace Movement to take Indignant Action”

  1. Tom says:

    The federal government, and especially “law enforcement,” is immune to criticism since they deal in force and power. If you want change you better join a militia (according to the faux Tea Party). The old avenue of change through representative government has been closed off to mere citizens, usurped by corporate power/the ownership class to do their bidding – which seems to be the establishment of a police state, repression and censorship, control of the media (including the internet), and the complete squashing of independent thought.

    1. Ross says:

      The only way to reclaim our power is to once again make these tactics effective.

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