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Interactive Cartoon: Paul LePage Quotes on Creationism in Public Schools

This interactive political cartoon was created using Scratch.

Is Paul LePage a Creationist? Does LePage support the insertion of Creationism into Maine’s public schools? Click on the image of Maine GOP gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage in the applet you see above to read his various statements on the subject this year.

Click on this link to embed this political cartoon on your own website, to find out more about how this interactive political cartoon was made, and to find out how you can make your own creations, within some reasonable limits.

4 thoughts on “Interactive Cartoon: Paul LePage Quotes on Creationism in Public Schools”

  1. Mark says:

    There’s something about this software that disables the wheel on my mouse whenever I view this page. The only way to scroll up or down is by using the side bar. I’m using FireFox.

  2. Jim says:

    What’s here is a basic Java applet. Unfortunately, I can’t replicate your issue in Firefox or any other browser. (I’m running the latest Firefox version, 3.6.10.)

  3. Mark says:

    I’m running the same version of FireFox. It’s only a minor inconvenience and nothing that I’m going to worry about. It’s more a curiosity than anything else.

  4. Fools says:

    It works on IE, use the proprietary browser!!!

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