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4 Democrats Join Republicans to Vote Against American Jobs. Is Your Senator One of Them?

American politicians love to talk about the importance of jobs for Americans. But when push comes to shove, you have to watch what the politicians do, not what they say.

Right now, in the middle of the worst jobless slump of a generation, the American tax structure perversely rewards corporations that fire American workers, then hire underpaid workers overseas in order to do the same work. The costs involved in shipping jobs overseas can be tax deductible or even trigger tax credits. Earlier this month, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois introduced S. 3816, a bill to stop the job-sucking status quo. If passed, S. 3816 would stop corporate tax credits and deductions for the costs of sending American jobs overseas. In their place, the bill would provide two years of tax breaks every time a corporation brought an overseas job back to America.

Yesterday, 45 members of the Senate voted to kill Durbin’s bill. 40 of them were, predictably, Republicans. In fact, the only Republican who didn’t vote against American jobs was Senator Lisa Murkowski, and that’s just because she was absent from the Senate, pursuing her last-ditch write-in re-election campaign. Another of the anti-job voters was the sole member of the Joe Party, Senator Joseph Lieberman.

And then there were 4 Senate Democrats who voted with the Republicans to keep right on rewarding corporations for outsourcing jobs. They are:

Max Baucus of Montana
Jon Tester of Montana
Ben Nelson of Nebraska
Mark Warner of Virginia

5 thoughts on “4 Democrats Join Republicans to Vote Against American Jobs. Is Your Senator One of Them?”

  1. Rowan says:

    Jon Tester marketed himself as a progressive Democrat, years ago. He hasn’t lived up to the bill.

  2. RICHARD says:

    Man I like your style. Seems nobody gets the fact, that in most cases, the only thing Members of Congress pay attention to is their handlers! You can read that as whatever you want, but it surely is NOT the folks who cast the votes to put or keep them in office…
    Keep the pressure on:-)

  3. Tyrone says:

    Bill O’Reilly is part of a evil that just won’t go away WHITE RACISM!The power in this country is in the people! Shamefully misuse of this power is the practice of America! The majority which is white Americans has never believe in America’s Constitution nor in equality for all Americans! That the reason America needed a Civil Rights Bill”! This sick behavior is never address properly and with the lack of white leadership will continue for century to come! Fox News has a group of very white and very rich men that have a reason to keep the country hating and divided! They get rich and richer while the have not and the just getting along are fighting each other and hating one another! Americans must wake up and see this attack on President Obama and Democrats is only to keep hate and divide alive. To think that President Obama is under attack when he receive the mess Republicans mess up! While he is trying to clean up Republican mess. He must deal with attack on his citizenship attack on his religion attack of his wife and family. All the name calling and a Republican Party that want him and the country to fail! Just to say President Obama is a failure! Under President G.W.Bush the country suffer with horrible decision that lead to needless American deaths in Iraq! There where NO weapon of mass destruction”! It is so sick that President Bush will never answer for the needless deaths of American troops.Nor will white Republicans see it as a issue! They will rather attack President Obama who is ending the needless war in Iraq and saving American troops lives! White Americans seem to be so misguided and uninformed about what make America America! This country big lie that we as a people came together after 9/11 was nothing but talk! Whites just added Muslim to people to hate along with Russian, Germans, Hispanic, Iraqi, Mexican, all the people of Afghanistan gay people.

  4. Tyrone says:

    Am I the only American that thinks that Republicans are responsible for the downfall of economic horrible condition? And white people are willing to give power back to proven failure! White people gave America Nixon (resign as a failure) Reagan ( suffer from Alzheimer and refuse to resign) Bush (1) liar( READ MY LIPS) Bush (2) stupid ( Started a war in Iraq for nothing) causing American troops deaths for NOTHING! Turn a surplus into debt! Am I the only person that wonder why white people listen to Bill O’Reilly? A man that paid off a female not to sue him for sexual harassment and in my opinion a PERVERT! A man that has no respect for woman and NEVER really apologize to the woman he harassed! A man that has made racist and demeaning comments about all Muslims! On his show O’Reilly question President Obama’s morals! And talked about convicted felons that he claims President Obama associate with. If O’Reilly believe what he is saying nobody should sit down with him as a PERVERT on his PERVERT SHOW! Am I the only one that wonders why white people are listening to Glenn Beck a alcoholic and a racist! This man facts are made up of racist innuendos! Hate and divide is the programs agenda! Am I the only person that wonder why Rush Limbaugh is not denounce by every American especially white Americans? After his statement that he wanted President Obama to fail and the country to fail! Am I the only person that saw the double standard when Boston Mass. resident voted in a Senator they thought was against President Obama Universal healthcare reform plan for all Americans! BUT Boston Mass. has state run Healthcare! Am I the only person that saw a racist double standard when Senator Obama’s pastor was demonize and condemn . Call a racist and un American! A man that is a former Army and Navy veteran. Took care of former President L. Johnson while hospitalize! On the other hand Mitt Romney’s church teaches that all black people are evil! He sat in his church over 15 year and continue to so and was NEVER denounce or demonize for doing so! He NEVER was told to get out of his church and denounce his pastor! Am I the only person that see Governor Christie of New Jersey as a bully and a idiot that in his first year in officer lost 400 million for New Jersey! Eliminated a project that laid off 6 thousand dollars and would have employed 40 thousand citizen! Does anyone but me wonder why white American call Governor Christie a hero!

  5. james simpson says:

    Tyrone, your spelling and grammar are a dead give away for what a simpleton you are. Taxing people’s income and redistributing it is not a white issue. It’s a class issue. California, Illinois and many other liberal states are learning the consequences of entitlements and high taxes. Although socialism is a proven failure around the world, simpletons like you will embrace it forever more. If only we taught basic math and economics in school… Did you go to school?

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