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Barack Obama is Braver in his Presidency than George W. Bush ever was

Read our articles on President Barack Obama and you’ll know that we don’t hold back in our criticisms. But there’s one aspect of his presidency that I admire. As Obama has appeared across the country over the past few weeks, he’s faced Americans who ask him difficult and critical questions. These questions aren’t scripted, and Barack Obama takes them as they come.

George W. Bush, on the other hand, only would appear at “Town Hall” events in which participants were carefully selected and asked prepared questions that Bush was coached to answer. People who disagreed with Bush were escorted away by burly guards. On the rare occasion that George W. Bush ever held a press conference, he called reporters off a prepared list at the podium rather than encounter the danger of thinking while speaking. George W. Bush was a timid, thin-skinned president. George W. Bush was a president scared of himself, scared of reporters and scared of independent-minded American people.

Even if Barack Obama’s policies leave a lot to be desired, Barack Obama’s willingness to personally encounter critics is a refreshing change from the embarrassing old days of George W. Bush.

One thought on “Barack Obama is Braver in his Presidency than George W. Bush ever was”

  1. deep thinker says:

    Ok, Barack is a brave speaker in his precious few media events. Brave to keep Gitmo open after promising me he would close it. Brave to accelerate Bush’s ‘drunken sailor’ spending record (I’m Navy Reserve thank you) which may yet result in a financial ELEE-like deep impact on the global economy(CBO), brave to disregard the opinion of his generals (Woodward), brave to fire McChrystal who in a military career ending move, left Obama no option, brave to then give Petraeus most of what McChrystal was asking for, brave to force America into a deep throat position on healthcare, by pulling in cost and pushing out benefits(are not there favorable poll methods of accomplishing the same thimgs), brave to allow the bill to be signed before allowing America to see all of its hidden contents, brave to follow Bush’s Iraq plan, brave to push even more wiretapping, brave to manage his world with czars, brave to defend his religious beliefs, brave to describe police as acting stupidly and having to smooth it over with a ridiculous beer summit, brave to attempt middle east peace with no publically recognizable plan, brave to use drone bombings in Pakistan, brave to use billions in TARP funds to pay off foreign banks, brave to use GM buyout money to subsidize thousands of workers in other countries. Actually, the biggest thing he has done that I do agree with is the drilling moratorium in the gulf. I’ll admit, it is refreshing to see him get up there take hard questions, answer them with useless and empty suit gibberish, a lack of leadership and follow-thru. He sounds a lot better than Bush. His arguements are sound. Nothing but sound. (sorry, written quickly before a meeting)

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