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Why Ban Crush Videos?

Senator Jon Kyl introduced this week legislation that would prohibit the production of movies showing cruelty to animals:

“S. 3841. A bill to amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit the creation, sale, distribution, advertising, marketing, and exchange of animal crush videos that depict obscene acts of animal cruelty, and for other purposes; to the Committee on the Judiciary.”

The bill is already cosponsored by Richard Burr and Jeff Merkley.

I’ve never seen any, but animal crush videos sound like a hideous form of entertainment. That said, what will be accomplished by this proposed legislation?

There are already laws against animal cruelty. Isn’t it animal cruelty itself, and not videos of animal cruelty, that are the problem?

Doesn’t the First Amendment, with its freedom of the press, make Senator Kyl’s bill unconstitutional?

5 comments to Why Ban Crush Videos?

  • qs

    Animal Rights doesn’t protect birds and insects though. I imagine that was the goal.

  • hs

    My understanding is that current animal cruelty laws allow prosecution of the individual committing the act, but not prosecution of the person recording the crime or those profiting from the videos.

  • Right, hs, but isn’t the problem the cruelty itself? If you think that the videos are the problem, do you also think that the video recording of other crimes is a problem? Are you willing to sacrifice freedom of speech and freedom of the press to overcome that problem?

    Qs brings up an interesting objection, but then, why not just have legislation that covers birds and insects? I imagine the need to swat mosquitoes is an objection, but there’s a difference between defensive swats, or protecting crops, and the infliction of cruel suffering, right?

  • Jacob

    I believe this law would also help with videos being made elsewhere. In some parts of the world animal cruelty is not illegal. Under current laws couldnt the torture of animals be filmed and then legally sold in the US? There would be no crime in the making of the film because it occured outside of the US. The only way to stop this would be to end the legal sale of such items in the US and those create less incomve for those commiting the acts.

  • cristina coniglio

    I hate to see people acting like this toward the animals.they shoud be prossecuted and punished in jail time. animals has feelings just like us and the “videos” is a reality of ignorance of those “farmers”if you can called them like this. i want justice be made for the animals thank u!

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