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Democrats Lead Among Seculars And Religious Independents

Democrats are used to hearing doom and gloom news about the 2010 congressional elections. Forecasts show that the Democrats stand a good chance of losing both the House and Senate to the Republicans.

From the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, however, comes a silver lining on the dark electoral cloud: Democrats are far ahead of Republicans with secular Americans and religious independents – people who are not affiliated with any Christian church. Within this group, congressional vote choice of a Democrat has 13 percent lead over choice of a Republican.

The majority of Christian voters, on the other hand, is supporting Republican candidates for Congress. That’s in spite of growing efforts over the last ten years by the Democratic Party to pander to Christian voters, through Obama’s expansion of the White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives to the development of the Democratic Faith Working Group in the House of Representatives.

The percent of Americans who identify themselves as Christian is shrinking, while numbers of religious independents and atheists are growing. The Democratic Party would do well to note this trend, and to show more appreciation for its solid non-Christian base of support.

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