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My Favorite Political Joke

Are you ready for it? Here’s the joke:

“I’m about ready to punch A.J. Higgins.”

Ha ha ha! Ha ha! Ha! Ha!

Isn’t that just hilarious?


No. There’s no joke in it. Jokes juxtapose two ideas in some unexpected way that jolts us and, in the case of a really good joke, makes us think a little. That’s what makes them funny. “I’m about ready to punch A.J. Higgins” is not funny. It has one idea in it: that the speaker wants to punch somebody. There’s no twist. There’s not even a pun.

A.J. Higgins is a reporter who had been asking Republican Paul LePage some difficult questions about his financial and campaign ethics associated with LePage’s run for Governor of Maine. Paul LePage responded by declaring, “I’m about ready to punch A.J. Higgins.”

And now Paul LePage says it was all a joke.

Ha ha. Or not.

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