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Breatharian “Scientific Experiment” Still Has No Scientific Results

This spring, the news media was all over claims that the elderly Indian man Prahlad Jani had been “proven” in a “scientific experiment” to go without food or water for 15 days without weight loss, dehydration or any other ill effects. Less well covered was the fact that the Prahlad Jani was allowed his “privacy” from observation during the course of the “experiment,” that independent monitors were not allowed and that Prahlad Jani regularly “gargled” and “bathed” his head. Even less well covered was the fact that the head of the “scientific experiment” is a religious adherent to breatharianism who has made it his research goal to find proof that people can survive on air and light alone. By summer, the news media essentially ignored “scientific experimenter” Sudhir Shah’s declaration that no actual observations from the “scientific experiment” would be released just yet.

Not one of the reporters who breathlessly reported on Prahlad Jani’s supposed feat of breatharianism has shared the fact that no empirical documentation of the experiment has been released, not even half a year later.

All that depressing reality wouldn’t sell papers.

One thought on “Breatharian “Scientific Experiment” Still Has No Scientific Results”

  1. Tom says:

    i’m more impressed with the 64 year old moron that got lost on “day hike” in the Joshua Tree National Park and spent 5 days without food or water but survived.

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