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Climate Change Floods American Consciousness

Some say that people don’t care about climate change. Ask the people in Minnesota and Iowa tonight if they care about the climate.

In many places in Minnesota and Iowa, people’s homes are underwater. There’s flooding in North Carolina and New Jersey and Texas and many states in New England. Puerto Rico’s having flood problems too.

Why is there so much flooding this year? Think about the implications of a the findings of a study of the water cycle just released. The study found that increasing global temperature is resulting in increased melting and evaporation, which is resulting in increased rains. Freshwater flow is currently rising at the rate of 1.5 percent per year. Add it up. Over a decade, that’s a 15 percent increase in the amount of water flowing across the land – actually, more than that, because it’s like compounding interest.

We can’t say for certain that any particular flood is due to this consequence of global warming – that would be conflating weather and climate. However, what we can say is that climate change is a significant part of the reason that flooding is already increasing, and will increase more in years to come.

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