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Is Americans Elect / Unity12 Dead? Friedman Suggests No, File Suggests Yes

When columnist Thomas Friedman recently made this cryptic claim…

I am ready to hazard a prediction: Barring a transformation of the Democratic and Republican Parties, there is going to be a serious third party candidate in 2012, with a serious political movement behind him or her — one definitely big enough to impact the election’s outcome.

There is a revolution brewing in the country, and it is not just on the right wing but in the radical center. I know of at least two serious groups, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast, developing “third parties” to challenge our stagnating two-party duopoly that has been presiding over our nation’s steady incremental decline.

… I was sure that one of the organizations to which Friedman refers is Americans Elect, a DC Beltway corporation formed with the aim of nominating and electing its very own presidential ticket in 2012. The declaration would fit so well with the style of the group (the former Unity12, and before that Unity08) to cultivate private relationships with media figures that result in promotional press pieces.

But now I’m not so sure. Under regulations governing Section 527 political organizations, Americans Elect…

must give notice electronically to the Service that it is a political organization described in Internal Revenue Code section 527, unless an exception applies. An organization must file an amended notice within 30 days after the occurrence of a material change in the information reported, and a final notice upon termination of the organization.

As a search of the IRS political organizations database will confirm, on October 2 2010 Americans Elect filed a final notice. It is in every detail identical to the 8871 form filled out by the organization this summer with one exception: instead of being labeled an initial notice or an amended notice, it is labeled a “final notice.”

Is Americans Elect really dead or just ready to change its name and push forward again?

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